Sponsor a Mother/Donate


~ Grief lasts longer than sympathy and support.
~ Parental grief doesn't end until your with them again.

Your donation makes it possible for a grieving mother to receive a comforting and symbolic HIM or HER GEM to keep in her hand, under her pillow, close to her heart. Each GEM is accompanied by a satin drawstring carrying bag and a handwritten note and includes shipping.

Unless you indicate a specific mother to send the GEM to, your donation will go to the next mother on our list.

If you are donating in memory of someone you lost, or if you would like to send a message to a mother who will receive your GEM donation, please use the instruction box at checkout to leave your note.

Your heartfelt support and donation is most appreciated! Thank you!

"Because Akeem"

HIM = He Is Missed
HIM, just a word yet only one name comes to mind.

HER, just a word yet only one name comes to mind.

Real flowers do, but true love never dies.