About Us

Pocket Change + Him is inspired by the life and loving memory of Akeem Q. Turner, who was senselessly murdered at the young age of twenty-one in Duluth, GA.  

Desperately searching for a way to get through difficult days, I created glass affirmation GEMS as a "note to self" concept - tangible reminders to keep pushing through this life until I see him again. Keeping HIM in my pocket or under my pillow provides an amazing sense of comfort. He was my son. Therefore, I lovingly offer the HIM GEM to other mothers of murdered sons, FREE OF CHARGE, hoping they will experience loving comfort as they continue the life long process of grieving. It is important that our customers know how much their purchases are appreciated, as they help provide grieving mothers with complimentary Pocket Change - HIM GEMS.

This is my story. Whatever your story, I look forward to sharing our line of affirming glass GEMS, as well as our beautifully symbolic HIM active wear and home goods collection. Who's your Him? Keep Him with you always and he'll always be with you.

Change your mind. Change you mood. Change your focus.

The Change is in your pocket.

Him. Just a word. Yet only one name comes to mind. For the love of Him. Periodt. Whoever he is. Wherever he is. The heart knows where and who. Keep Him with you always & he'll always be with you.

Rest in Paradise Baby Boy #akeemturner