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Positive affirmations influence the subconscious mind, They can
release you from anxiety, negativity, guilt, fear, and pain.

These mantras are simple messages. Repeated over-and-over and they begin to worm their way into your mind – slowly changing both your thinking and your reality. Sometimes these sayings start as wishful thinking, but they often end up becoming the reality of your life.

After my son suddenly passed away 2 years ago, I desperately searched for ways to get through the most difficult days. Realizing that I literally needed to talk myself through it, I created glass affirmation GEMS as a "note to self" concept - tangible reminders to keep pushing through this life until I see him again. Each day I would chose one gem, put it in my pocket and go out into the world while periodically looking at my gem ~ whenever I needed to change my mind, change my mood or change my focus. BE KIND TO YOU, ONE DAY AT A TIME, IT COULD BE WORSE, BREATHE, YOU MATTER and HIM were in heavy rotation.

I call these amazing glass affirmations PocketCHANGE and I am happy and excited to share this meaningful DIY concept with you.

These powerful little gems will serve as note to self reminders and wherever you are in your story, they will speak to you.

The DIY kit includes;

15 - blank glass gems
1 - scissors
1 - pencil
1 - special glue
1 - decorative paper
1 - draw string carrying bag
1 - wooden keepsake and storage box
1 - easy to follow instructions

75+ Affirmations choices to make 15 of your own glass affirmation gems or handwrite some of your own!
Waking is winning
Forgive yourself
Just Imagine
Be a poem
Pick your battles
One day at a time
Be humble you could be wrong
Out dream yourself
When everyone zigs, zag
Smell the flowers
Choose happy
It could be worse
Be like whatever
Love you
Life begins at the end of your comfort zone
Let that shit go
Be your own kind of beautiful
Sorry not sorry
Me time
Be kind to you
Let it go
Move on
Find Joy
Mindful not Mindfull
I am.
I will
Be hopeful
Be true to you
Lead by example
Be darling
You matter
Take a break
Life goes on
Be kind
Be bold
It could be worse
Everything is figuroutable
Be you. Do you. Love you.
It's already written
Consider the source
Live on purpose
Save yourself
Create yourself
Mind over matter
Speak up
You are good enough
Change your mind
Change your mood
Change your focus
Change is good
Believe in yourself
Be your own self
I got this
You got this
Find peace in everything you do
You're the prize
Put yourself on
Have a better day
I can
Never give up
All is mind